DIY Passport Cover

It’s always a good idea to protect your passport, especially if you travel a lot. This can be tricky since most covers out there are not transparent and customs will probably ask to remove them when checking your passport.

And that is why I DIYed my own transparent passport cover. It’s very easy to make and the good thing is that you’ll probably have some plastic lying around. For my cover, I used the wrapping that came with our bed sheets.

So, here’s what you’ll need to make your very own transparent passport cover
– (re-purposed) plastic, around 20x40cm
– scissors or knife and cutting mat
– ruler
– sewing machine and thread

And here’s how you make the cover
Cut the plastic in four pieces and place them on top of each other like shown in the picture below. Sew all layers together on the border of the biggest rectangle (go slow when you are sewing the three layers together, so you will not break your needle!)

Put your passport and traveling documents inside and you will have your own transparent passport cover to protect your passport on your many travels.

Happy Traveling !


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