Candy Collection by Kristin Overbeck

Happy Friday everyone ! On this lovely day, I wanted to show you the Candy Collection by Kristen Overbeck. It made me all happy this morning, so maybe it does the same to you guys. I’m not sure if everything in the pictures would be living room material, but I’m really attracted to the pastel colors. And the fact that it is candy jut makes me smile even more.

This is how Kristin Overbeck describes her collection:
The tasty and colorful world of sweets and delicious goodies served as inspiration for the Candy Collection. I wanted to design products reminiscing enthusiasms of childhood, especially the irresistible savor of sugar. The result is an eye candy, a visual feast for the senses. The Candy Collection consists of six three-legged stools, carpets, coat hooks and a lamp. Each object relates to pastries, sugar pearls and various sweet delicacies. Savory products with zero calories guaranteed!


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