Little corners of our home


2 thoughts on “Little corners of our home

  1. Sarah, your home is beautiful! I am a color person, as you know, but reading your blog and following you in pinterest, I am certainly influenced. This wood+black+white indeed looks clean and calm! However, I noticed that the natural light also helps to highlight this combination; it makes white brighter highlighting the contrast with black and the wood adds texture. I am wondering under artificial light, or in a dark day, can this combination look also a bit cold? (I am not talking about your home, I am talking about the style in general 🙂

    • Hi Angeliki, you are actually right, the natural light helps to accentuate the white and black and a white room is prettiest when it’s very bright. What I like about white is the way it reflects the light, especially when there is natural light this is pretty. On a dark they I also like it, because the white will reflect the light, which makes the room seem more bright than if the whole room would be painted in a darker color. Of course having everything white in a room could give it a clinical effect, which I’m not a big fan of, so that’s why I like combining it wit black (I like the contrast it gives with the white) and wood (because of its soft and natural character) and some accents of colors. I’m actually a color person myself as well, but found out that if you combine not too many colors with white, it makes the colors pop. Thanks for your comment by the way !

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