Diy small storage boxes

I needed some new storage space, especially for very small things that always lay around the house, so I decided to make my own. I bought blank boxes in the craft store and drew on the smallest two boxes with a black marker. On the biggest one, I used a strip of Masking Tape to create the thick black line. I think they came out quit well, and it was easy to do.


3 thoughts on “Diy small storage boxes

  1. Sarah, that’s a lovely post 🙂 And I consider you a great influence for my style, especially for interior spaces. Right now, I have an empty flat, just with a bed and an afghani rug, and I am thinking on how to furnish it! (I could send you a pic in your private mail to give me some ideas, if you don’t mind :))I have another rhetoric question for you: do you think that living in a minimalistic space helps you become minimalistic yourself? I mean, in the sense of reducing clutter and impulsive buys.. 🙂

    • Hi Angeliki,
      Im happy to have inspired you 🙂 You can send me some pictures, I can try to give you some ideas.
      II’m not sure if this is true for everybody, but for me, if I see these pictures of all those minimalistic homes, which I feel very inspired by (my own home still has a long way to go), I start thinking whenever I’m in the store and am about to buy something. It can be food, furniture, accessories or just things I need to store in my home, these days I often think more about something before I buy it and ask myself some questions : Is it pretty and useful ? What do I do with the item when I don’t use it ? Where do I put the item and does it go with the things I already have there ? And I also try to find new places for things in the house (hiding the ugly things in storage, showing the pretty).

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