Attic Home

I love apartments in the nook of the attic. All the beams and corners could be difficult to work with, which makes it quite a challenge, but the owner of this home did a great job.  In the bedroom, everything is kept in neutral and calm colors, while as in the bedroom white and black bring a lot of contrast. Lastly, I just love the bathroom with the white, black and blue tiles and … did you notice the turtle on the floor ?

Attic Home - via Coco Lapine Attic Home - via Coco LapineAttic Home - via Coco Lapine



3 thoughts on “Attic Home

    • Thanks Nina ! I saw this apartment and fell in love immediatly. Only after a while I noticed the turtle 🙂
      You have a lovely one as well, and congratulations on your Ikea styling video ! I liked it, even though I couldn’t understand anything 😉
      x Sarah

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