The current state of things

Coco LapineCoco LapineCoco Lapine  Coco LapineCoco Lapine

As you might have noticed, I like changing things around in our home. I rearranged the shelf above our sofa a little bit. This is an easy modification and it seems like a lot changed when I enter the living room. I also added a little bit more of personal touch by adding a picture of myself when I was a kid (please tell me when I’m being corny).

Zoals jullie misschien al gemerkt hebben, vind ik het wel leuk om dingen te verplaatsen in ons appartement. Ik heb deze week het schabje boven onze zetel nog eens herschikt. Dat is echt heel eenvoudig om te doen en het maakt veel verschil als je binnen wandelt in de living. Ik heb er ook een persoonlijke touch ingestoken en er een foto van mezelf bijgezet als kind (laat me maar weten wanneer ik hier te melig word he).


12 thoughts on “The current state of things

    • Thank you Camilla, that’s sweet. I love your home a lot too, it looks impressive on the outside already (of course after such a long time of planning) and I’m sure on the inside as well ! Cheers,

  1. Hi

    I love your livingroom. Really beatiful! I also like to reorganize and redesign the interior 🙂 I would also like to thank you for the nice comment you left on my blog 🙂 I hope you will visit my blog again 🙂


    • Hi Nina, That’s so sweet, thank you ! It’s nice right, to always make the house look a tiny bit different then before 😉 I will certainly be visiting your blog again, I already added you on my bloglovin 😉 Have a nice evening and thanks for your sweet comment and email !

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